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Tuesday, August 22, 2017


About us

Courier Care Logistics provides local courier service solutions to customers across the US. Courier Care Logistics can handle all of your same day delivery needs.

Our company’s reputation is built in by the employees that deliver items throughout Florida.

We are available to serve all your courier service needs. At CCL, we are passionate about keeping our commitment with all costumers as if they are the most important client.

We provide fast, reliable and cost effective shipping services throughout all areas, with a range of Same Day and Next Day service options. Our goal is to become the only delivery service your business needs.

With high standard for on-time services, we provide an extraordinary experience for everyone we interact with. CCL will provide the client with all the necessary tools to make your job easier when dealing with labeling, tracking and customer needs.

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Rush Delivery

Courier Care Logistics provides our “Specialty Rush Delivery” service within the state of Florida all year round. Our Courier Care drivers will be at your location as you request.

CCL drivers will dedicate their time to your package and drive directly to your drop off location. Read more.

Same Day Deliveries

Courier Care Logistics offers “Same Day Deliveries” within the state of Florida. We have no time constraints due being open year round.

If you have a package that needs to be at a location within the state of Florida that same day, we will be ready for your needs.

Next Day Deliveries

Courier Care Logistics offer next overnight delivery at a very competitive rate depending on the locations. We can offer Next Day/Overnight Deliveries” throughout the state of Florida.

Next day deliveries are the backbone our Company and we take pride in serving Customers with the service that they come to expect.

Multiple Deliveries

We understand that some business have multiple packages that need to be delivered either, Rush, Same day, or Next Day. Our innovative routing system will ensure that your deliveries are sent out the best possible path to avoid delays and frustrations the customer’s end.

We also provide a very advanced tracking system to see as your packages are being delivered live. Read more.

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Multiple Delivery

VIP Client Service

We at CCL understand the difficulties in operating a small business. If your business depends on delivering packages to your customer base, CCL is the right choice for you.

We have many reasons why we feel confident when we say that our service is right for you.

CCL provides state of the art software along with delivery tracking mechanism far above and beyond most Courier companies.

Below are a few major beneficial points to why our logistics efforts are far beyond the rest.

• CCL provides our Clients with a database managing and label making software that literally takes a second to create an order.

When creating an order, our software will automatically generate a zone for the delivery to make sure that your package does not become one of those small percentages of packages that gets misdirected from the start.

CCL has created a zoning schedule for all areas we serve in the State of Florida.

• Along with the database and Label making software, CCL provides all Clients with a “Delivery Tracking System”. This is a web portal on the internet; that anybody in your office can use.

This tracking system will allow you to look up your package, see estimated time for arrival, see actual time of arrival, get a live update if there is an issue with the delivery, and be able to give any special instructions during the process.

Our innovative tracking system will allow you the Client to directly contact the driver that is delivering your package through our Tracking system.

For example if you see a package that is supposed to be delivered at 3pm, and your customer contacts you and says that they need the package by 1pm, you the client will have the ability to contact the driver directly and make this change.

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Rush Delivery

Call for delivery service any time, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, to pick up and deliver shipments via the most practical route in the least amount of total elapsed time consistent with distance, weather and road conditions.

We can provide e-mail notification of delivery upon request. Carrier guarantees are: Delivery at the time promised and immediate attention to service problems that are raised by shipper or consignee.

5-Hour Service is available for packages ready before 12pm with a deadline of 5 pm. This service is only available for deliveries within the state of Florida.

2-Hour Service is available for packages ready before 3pm with a 2-Hour deadline. Packages will be picked up within 30 minutes and delivered within 2-Hours of pick-up. This service is only available for pick-up and delivery within the state of Florida.

After Hours Service is available at a premium rate between the hours of 4:30pm and 6:59am M-F and all day Saturday and Sunday, and is usually performed by a dedicated driver

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Errand Services & Pool Distribution

Errand Services

We at CCL can provide quality services and managing your To-Do list allowing you to enjoy more of your day. How can are errand service really help? We act as your very own personal assistant, but better – we are available whenever you need us. There is no long-term commitment required and you can set the schedule. You simply send us the list and we get it done.

Whether it’s picking up groceries, shopping, and prescriptions, or you just need assistance. We are available to meet your individual needs and look forward to providing the services you need.

When you don’t have time, we do! Our Errand Service is great for:
- Grocery Shopping- We can shop and save by using your coupons along with providing coupons to you.
- “Wait For” service – We will wait for the repair/service person and report their progress.
- Organizing – Your closet, your pantry, your coupons, your junk drawers!
- Internet Research for big ticket purchases such as electronics or vacations.
- Shopping – purchases, returns and exchanges.
- Special/Emergency Delivery – Lunch, reports, school projects, airline tickets, etc.
- Home Checks – when you are away we will keep an eye on your home.
- Move Assistance – Help pack, confirm movers, change of address cards.


If you do not have excel, please download the Microsoft Excel Viewer.

- Grocery list
- Rate Card
- Errand Service Agreement
- Monthly plans for errands

Pool Distribution

Pool Distribution is the distribution of product to numerous destination points (stores) within a particular geographic region. Grouping multiple deliveries reduces transit times and maintains shipment integrity for an overall cost-effective distribution solution. Manufacturers, distributors, and retail operations are faced with the dilemma of how to lower shipping costs and reduce handling of shipments, and they typically need freight shipped from a single starting point to multiple destinations.

Courier Care Logistics solves this dilemma by providing companies with distribution services to help such customers realize significant savings. With our nationwide coverage throughout the US, CCL can customize a solution to meet your company's needs. Need the shipments to be sorted? No problem. Need same-day or next-day delivery? Consider it done.

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